Tera Deedar Hua ~ Seeing a Glimpse of You :)

Do you believe in love at first sight?
If yes,then you might be able to associate the song with the way you would describe your love :)
The moment you see the girl,time freezes and you completely forget yourself mesmerized in her beauty.This is one such guy who falls in love the moment he sees his girl and dreams of her while he is trying to explain his sudden love to his friends.
This is one such song :)

"I met you, and my prayers were answered
and my eyes worshiped you."

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani - The Happy Ending :)

Now,it's 8 years since Bunny had left and he never returned. Naina has completed her studies and she works in a clinic now. Bunny is a renowned cameraman who works for travel shows and travels around the world. Aditi is all set to get married now and she had sent invitations to everyone. Just before coming to India for the marriage, Bunny gets a lifetime opportunity to host a travel show and he is really happy his dream is going to be fulfilled.

Finally,at the dinner  party,they meet after 8 years and still it seems like they were always in touch. Both enjoy the party and also have a chat later during Bunny even tries a cheesy line on Naina :D

The marriage function brings Naina and Bunny together again. He sees her truly for the first time. They perform a dance on the behalf the bride's side :) Another lovely song, which I will upload after sometime.
Another day, they go out for sightseeing, during that day Naina argues that living at home is way better than his travelling life. In the end, he says that she is not right about what she says, just that she is very different from him. Later, in the evening wants to go see all other places but hearing her say,

"However hard you try bunny,
You'll always miss something out in life
Let's just...Enjoy this moment..."
He watches the sunset,lost in thoughts about she had said.

While returning back to the resort, Bunny explains to Naina how he had been on a trek with college students when his father passed away.So,he heard the news one week late and couldn't come for the cremation ceremony. He feels that he should have spoken to his father more often and visited him. 
She lies on his shoulder to make him feel better and he does :)

The next evening, Bunny asks Aditi whether she really loves the guy she is to wed and she says,

"Before I met him,I was fine
but now I know that I can be happy too...
With certain people,
things just seem better by spending time with them."
Hearing her say that makes him realize that Naina is his person and the happiness he has by spending time with her. So, he gets two bottles of beer and searches for her to have a drink with her. When he finds her, he sees that there is another guy bringing her beer. He gets really jealous and argues with the guy. Finally, Naina asks her friend to leave for sometime and questions Bunny what is wrong with him. He explains that he can't see her spending time with anyone other than him. She replies,

"Why don't you understand that if I stand here any longer then..
I'll fall in love with you 
and you won't 
He realizes that Naina had loved him before and he had broken her heart.But. this time it was different because he was also in love with her :) So, he moves closer,kisses her and takes her into his arms :)

Later that night, Bunny sees Naina walking towards him and he walks upto her and says "I love you" immediately,she smiles back at him and replies,"I love you too".It doesn't end there,she tells him that they can't be in a relationship as both their dreams will never be the same. She won't be able to leave her clinic neither will he be able to stop travelling and settle down. But,he says there's no need to discuss that now and pulls her into his arms.She continues telling that she understands him completely that's why she has to let him go. 
She hugs for a minute more and walks away leaving him alone as the longer they stay together the harder it will be.After the wedding, they both seperate in tears. Bunny packs and leaves to the airport. While sitting in the airport, he realizes that when he 8 years ago he was eager to leave but now he didn't have the heart to leave.So, he goes home as he never visited after his father's demise.His stepmother consoles him and says that to make his father happy all he has to do is,live his dream by follow his heart :)

New Year's Eve.
Aditi is in the airport leaving for her honeymoon,Avinash is drinking in his bar and Naina is alone watching TV. Naina hears her doorbell ring and guess who that is ;)

I love the climax <3
Bunny is at her door with cake and balloons,he kisses her and says that he had come to spend new year's eve with her :) He has also canceled Paris offer to take up her offer because he doesn't anyone else to take her away :) ;) Then,he proposes to her <3 But, she is scared that he won't be able to live a married. He says,
"I still want to see every corner of
the world but with your hand in mine!
You make me happy Naina.
In my mind, we're already married...
Now come on, you marry me too!"
She has tears of happiness in her eyes as she hugs him :)
Awwww <3 Aren't proposals the best part of a relationship? :)

Bunny and Naina call Avinash and Aditi as it's nearing 12.
When their friends come to know both of them are together, they are really happy and tease them.
The New Year count down starts,
Happy New Year :)
Naina kisses Bunny <3
Happy New Year, guys!
Let's all have a great year ya!

Wasn't that a sweet and happy ending? :)

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani~Brighten Your Day Now :)

Do you ever feel trapped and fed up with your life?
Most of us,would have felt so at some point.
Surely,any such extreme feeling of suffocation will lead to drastic decisions that might change our life!
You should know that I am not speaking about suicide :D
This is a happy story :) 
A dull,lifeless atmosphere to a spirited,colorful one :)
So,let's enrich your life with some colors :)
Naina Talwar receives a lovely basket with treats and a wedding invitation.Seeing the invitation brings back sweet memories from 8 years ago.

Naina Talwar,a timid and studious MBBS student, who tops in all her classes.She gets fed up with the way of her life,when she meets Aditi,her schoolmate, who plans on going on a trekking expedition to Khipshi Pass in Manali.So,she takes a drastic decision to go on the trip,this is the decision I was speaking about earlier :D Kabir Thapar(Bunny),a playful charmer,who loves to travel and dreams of discovering every corner of the world in his life and vows never to fall into any commitment.

The kind of guy every girl avoids, but eventually falls for in the end.

Enough with the introductions,lets get to the story now!
Bunny,Aditi and Avinash are ready for departure at the railway station. Avinash is Bunny's best friend, who has a addictive habit of gambling. Early in the morning, Naina writes a letter to her mother not to panic and reaches the railways station ready to set on the adventure which is going to change her life.Reaching the railway station, the first person she sees is Bunny!
Stupid Bunny fails to recognize Naina but realizes as soon as she says that 
they were classmates.
Yet, their first meet turned out to be cute :)

Just as the train is to leave the station,Bunny asks Naina to get on the train whereas she stands frozen on the platform even after the train starts to move. But,she explains to him that she is scared as this is the first time she has ever come alone like this.Bunny reassures her and gets her on the train. :D
Sweet nah?

Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
During their journey on the train, Naina finds that everyone on the trip are more outgoing and fun than her.So,she decides to stay low though she wants to have fun. Being in a group with Bunny, brings her out making her sing and even drive away few thugs, when they are chased. Even on their trekking up the pass, Naina goes ahead of Bunny,who thought no one can beat him. So, he makes her sit down for a small talk when Naina says Bunny is fit for flirting with stupid girls on the trip only. Bunny replies saying that he could only flirt with girls like that, as girls like Naina are made for love. From the time, Naina saw Bunny she had kind of had a crush on him. Now, hearing him say that, 
leaves her stunned.

As Bunny speaks with her,he ties up her legs mischievously and wins the trek.Later that night, everyone in the camp goes out to party with another camp. Meanwhile, Naina being shy stays behind, but after sometime Bunny finds her and questions her why she wasn't joining the rest of them. Naina replies that she is not fit for parties as she would be boring. Bunny pulls her back as she tries to walk away and says,
"You're very cool,Naina.
With everything you've done throughout the trip,
you're like a hindi flim hero,dude.
Stop feeling bad for yourself and start loving who you are :)
You're fine, just the way you are :) :) :)
But, you don't smile enough..."

Dialogue continued and followed by a cute song at my other post,
Visit :  Subhanallah ~ Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Naina is in love <3

When their guide mentions about a haunted temple in the hill, where prayers are answered, Naina ventures at night to prayer for the one thing she wants, Bunny. But, Bunny also ends up climbing as he loves adventure. In the cold, Naina has a drink with Bunny for the first time and he tells her about his dream to travel around the world. Finally, they reach the top in the morning and
Naina thinks to herself,

I had never before felt this kind of happiness...
I was in love...
And I wanted to scream and tell the world...
but most of all,I wanted to tell him...
I don't know if there was ever a temple here...
But I still made a wish...
A very simple wish...
In fact, just one word...

It is the last day of the trip and our scholar Naina is totally transformed now. She sings,dances and enjoys herself in the celebration of Holi. By the end of the day, Bunny is totally impressed with her and you could say that he had started to like with the way he looks at her, but he just doesn't know it.

After all that celebration, Bunny and Naina return to the bus together, on their way Bunny says that he never wants that night to end. Hearing Bunny say that, Naina gets the courage to tell him how she feels, but she is interrupted by Avinash who announces that he found the scholarship letter of Bunnys' from Northwestern University in the backpack. Naina is disheartened but she is happy for him. As she walks away from him she thinks,
"As much I loved him,
he loved his dreams that much more...
But,I was grateful for the whole hoard of memories
 I was taking with me that I can never forget"

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Chahun Main Ya Na ~ Aashiqui 2 Translation

Rahul is a successful singer whose career is going down
because of his alcohol addiction.
One day he meets Aarohi,a girl he finds singing in the bar and promises
to make her a singing sensation.
So,about the song video you surely have to watch the video first ignoring the subtitles and watch again with subtitles,then only you will get the total package from the song :)
This is the remix version will upload the original songs with the movie review.
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A Vow to Cherish

I vow to help you love life,to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.

I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love. And no matter what challenges might carry us apart, 
we will always find a way back to each other. 
the vow quotes